Hawaii Saltwater Fish

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Deep Water Hawaii Fish Pictures - These fish are only from Hawaii!

R.T. Distributors was founded in 1982 in Hawaii when Ron Tubbs began diving for local wholesalers. Soon afterwards R.T. Distributors began shipping. We have been a diver direct business for over 28 years.

Today R.T. Distributors has over 30 divers and 8 warehouse packers. We also import fish from several locations in the south Pacific.

Our Oahu fish farm has 2 large warehouses with over 10,500 gallons of aquariums. Our Kona warehouse has 6,000 gallons.

We have the largest aquarium systems on both islands plus our divers maintain smaller holding systems. We maintain the highest quality of exclusively hand caught fish.

We spend more per fish on antibiotics, specialty foods, buffers, and amquil than any other wholesaler. With the largest water trailer on the Islands we do regular massive water changes which ensure the best quality of fish for our customers.

In 1987 Ron Tubbs invented the fish decompression chamber (patent pending). To better decompress and avoid using swim bladder needles especially for the deeper water fish this has been great for maintaining a better quality of expensive deepwater fish. We sell decompression chambers. The deco chambers price is $1500 which includes the catch buckets designed for the chamber.

Unlike other wholesalers, we own our warehouses and have low overhead - so we are able to pass these savings along to you.

Ron Tubbs B.S. N.D. N.C. spent 8 years at the University of Hawaii with a degree in nutrition and studies in marine biology, ecology, microbiology and biochemistry. Originally a pre medical student his love of the ocean led him in another direction: collecting tropical fish. This expertise in medicine is very useful in providing our customers with the healthiest marine fish available.

We look forward to doing business with you!

Check out our new online catalog, or to request a listing of our current inventory, call us - or Email us - anytime!

Hawaii Saltwater Fish

R.T. Distributors
Ron Tubbs, Owner
Waimanalo, Hawaii
Ph/Fax: (808) 259-9997
Cell: (808) 927-5013

Kona Location:
Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Ph/Fax: (808) 927-2241

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Hi, my name is Ron Tubbs and I am the founder of R.T. Distributors in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

To welcome you to our Web Site, I would like to show you some images of our equipment and facilities that we have invested in to bring you the best quality Hawaii and South Pacific fish for your enjoyment!

  • Deltacargo
  • Big-island-08-823
  • DSC00625
  • Hurl
  • RTshark
  • Warehouse
  • Warehouse2

  • Waimanalo Fish Farm
  • Crew
  • Diver-at-work
  • Big-island-08-847
  • Ron


Here you will find the Terms and Conditions of RT Distributors.

We make every effort to supply you with the freshest and most beautiful fish found in Hawaii and the South Pacific.

Thank you for your business!

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All prices are FOB Honolulu. All orders are prepaid by bank wire unless other arrangements have been made. International and container orders require prepayment in full. Minimum order is $500.00.

Shipper reserves the right to make partial shipments and substitutions unless alternatives are stipulated by customer. Orders must specify "No" for certain fish or "No Substitutions" on the order for unwanted fish and substitutions of these fish may be made.

Packing charges are $12.50 per box. Hot or cold packs are a $3.00 charge. Orders placed with same day inventories are more likely to be filled to a higher percentage rate. Items not in stock if ordered in advance will more likely be available.

All claims must be certified by the airline freight department or pictures of fish in unpacked bag and sent to us within 24 hours. R.T. Distributors must be notified by fax of any claims within 24 hours. No claims will be accepted after 24 hours as R.T. Distributors is not responsible for the quality of the customers system. All claims must be itemized: fish type and problem. All connecting flights will require phone calls to the airline to prevent any delays.

All checks must be made payable to R.T. Distributors Inc. All returned checks are charged a $25.00 processing fee. Balances over 30 days pass due are charged 14% APR until paid in full. In addition there may be lawyers and collection fees.

Fish Care
Information will be provided upon request.